“Autumn Glow” 8 x 10 Oil by Dawn B. Dwyer

"Autumn Glow"

Autumn Glow 8 x 10 Oil by Dawn B. Dwyer

At the 2009 Cincinnati Art Club Christmas Party each member who participated in the gift exchange brought an 8 x 10 painting of one of their recent works.  This was the painting that I brought and was recieved by Eileen, another artist at the club.


“Morning on the Ohio River” 11×14 oil by Dawn B. Dwyer

“Morning on the Ohio River”

“Morning on the Ohio River”  11 x 14 oil  by Dawn B. Dwyer

This was painted at Eden Park in Cincinnati, Ohio on a hot overcast day.  You can see there is beauty in an overcast day as the colors were quite magnificent.  While I was painting, there was quite a bit of enthusiasm about this painting.  Several people stopped to photograph the painting while it was in progress, there were also shouts from a few cars as they passed by expressing how much they loved the painting.  It was painted “plein air’ which means that it was painted out of doors and in natural sun light.  I really enjoyed this day painting at the park.  Although when you look at this oil, it is quite and peaceful,  there was actually a lot of excitement that day.”Morning on the Ohio”.   Inv # 3007