“CAT Scan” 18″ x 18” Oil Painting donated by Dawn B. Dwyer













“CAT Scan” 18 x 18 Oil  Donated by Dawn B. Dwyer

The story behind the painting , “CAT Scan” …

In April, 2010 our 22 yr. old nephew, Derik, was diagnosed with Burkitt’s Lymphoma.  It’s an aggressive but curable form of cancer.  Unfortunately Derik is no longer covered by his parent’s medical insurance and the doctors suspect that Derik will be unable to work for about a year.  So we are all trying to find ways to help him and his family with this tremendous financial burden.  After discussing with Derik, the idea of donating an oil painting to be raffled off, he mentioned that he would like it if I would do a painting of a Bengal Tiger.  For anyone that is a Cincinnati Bengals fan, this would make a lot of sense but I chose to paint the Bengal Tiger for more than one reason.  First it is a beautiful animal and the posture of the tiger shows so much focus, determination and strength which are all things that Derik will need to get through his fight with cancer.  I wanted the painting to also tell his story.  The journey will not necessarily be without obstacles but just as the tiger moves through the water with ease and strength so will Derik to get to the other side (the healthy side).  The title on the painting has a double meaning and was named by Derik’s father, Scott Dwyer.

The eyes of the tiger are painted in a way that as you walk from one side of the room to the other, the tiger’s eyes will follow you.   It’s a very interesting sensation to experience the eyes of a painting following you. 

This painting was donated to raise money for the Dwyer Cancer Relief Fund and the winner was announced at a Pig Roast Benefit that was held for Derik in July of 2010.  

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