“Watching You” 12″x12″ Oil Painting by Dawn B. Dwyer


Watching You 12 x 12 oil by Dawn B. Dwyer

“Watching You”

12″ x 12″

oil painting  

by Dawn B. Dwyer, artist

One of our Miniature Pinschers, Lady Ally Von Zeus was so kind as to model for this painting.

She was sitting on my husband’s lap and her eyes were following me as I moved through the room.  The sun was shining in through the window and also down through the skylight which created the glow on the side of her face.  Her eyes are so expressive and really communicate how she is feeling.

I once had a stranger approach me when I was at a dog park.  She said, “Wow … when you look into your dogs eyes, you can see her soul through those eyes”.   I was quite moved by that comment as I didn’t know the woman and she really only approached me to get a better look into my dog’s eyes.  I always saw this in Ally, but didn’t realize that other people would see that too when looking into her amazing eyes, so when creating this painting,  the eyes had to be the focal point.