Procter & Gamble Reveals the Official Portrait of Euka, VP of Canine Communication

I always say that the animals I paint are very special!  This one was on the Board at Procter & Gamble as their V.P. of Canine Communication for 10 years and was so loved by the people that worked with her and encountered her at publicity events.  She also graced the front pages of Forbes magazine.  The Official Portrait of “Euka” by Dawn B. Dwyer now resides at the Mason, Ohio Business Center.

But let me also say this, ALL ANIMALS are special and when someone decides to honor them with an original oil painting there is no question in my mind how special they are.  Animals add so much to our lives and even make us do things that we don’t feel like but in the end may be for our own good.

My two dogs drove me nuts with behavioral issues only to send me on this quest to stop the craziness.  In doing so it has taken me on quite a journey that I will be sharing with you in my forth coming book.  It will be a book that will enlighten  you as well as make you laugh as Miniature Pinschers are the silliest dogs, very clever and they will push you to keep learning about them.  They call them the King of Toys and I have learned so much being one of their disciples.

Here is a Link to the Event when the Official Portrait of Euka was Revealed.–gambles-canine-vp-retires

Dawn and Euka, Retiring V.P.1  Internet