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Dawn grew up on the east coast and now resides in Ohio.  She has traveled extensively to the west coast, Europe and South America.  These areas have all influenced her art, as well as time spent under the ocean depths scuba diving.

She majored in art while attending George School as well as taking photography classes.  Throughout her life her camera was always close at hand but it wasn’t till later in life that oil painting became such a dominate part of her artistic expression. 

Yet with all these experiences and inspirations, the greatest influence on her desire to create art was her passion for her two dogs.  It began with photographing the Miniature Pinschers and then the desire to do an oil painting of them as a gift for her husband.  After completing the painting for her spouse, Dawn has not wanted to put the paint brush down.  So with his support, Dawn was able to set up a studio so she could pursue her passion and enjoy the fine art of oil painting. 

Dawn’s painting can be found in private and corporate collections.  She was recently commissioned to paint the official portrait of the retiring V. P. of Canine Communication for Procter & Gamble.  The painting now hangs in the business center in Mason, OH.

Although her initial interest was in pet portraits it has taken her on a journey where she continues to expand her subject matter and develop her technique.  Dawn’s paintings have continued to evolve from pet portraits to landscapes and underwater scenes.  Some of the paintings that are posted are available for sale. If you are interested in Dawn’s paintings or would like to commission please contact us.

Dawn is also working on her forth coming book, “What You Miss:  When Your Dog Doesn’t Sleep In Your Bed.”


4 thoughts on “About Dawn

  1. Dawn,
    I did not know you were so talented with your hands. Knew you had a talent with your dogs.
    The painting you are donating to be raffled off for Derik’s fund raiser is absolutely stunning.
    My hat is off to you.
    Juanita Benton

  2. Looked in on your site – great job,
    Dawn! Endless Possibilities looks wonderful in the photo, and therefore must be stunning in “real life.” Congrats!

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