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Li'l Devil and a Dash of Angel by Dawn B Dwyer c2013 psi 72 x 278

Li’l Devil and a Dash of Angel 12 x 12 oil
by Dawn B Dwyer Available in Giclee

Happy for No Reason  www.dawnbdwyer 400_72psi C2013

Happy for No Reason 12 x 12 oil
by Dawn B Dwyer Available in Giclee



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Winter Finch (male)

Winter Finch (male) c 2017

WINTER FINCH (male) 5 x 7 oil painting by Dawn B. Dwyer

When I first began to feed the birds, I had a male Finch show up during the colder weather.  I wondered who this new bird was and followed it around from tree branch to tree branch, trying to identify him.  I really fell in love with this little bird.

After weeks of brief visits at my house, I was able to identify him as an American Goldfinch.  Now, I only saw him by himself and when he stopped by, I considered him a special guest at my feeder.  But when spring came and I hung a large finch feeder, he brought a dozen other American Goldfinches to my house.  And he transformed into his brightly colored feathers.

One of the things I love about the American Goldfinch is their group spirit.  Finches seem to show up at our feeders with 12 of their closet friends and family.  They really are the most social birds in our yard.         Here is a video of the whole gang on the Finch Feeder:

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