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Li'l Devil and a Dash of Angel by Dawn B Dwyer c2013 psi 72 x 278

Li’l Devil and a Dash of Angel 12 x 12 oil
by Dawn B Dwyer Available in Giclee

Happy for No Reason  www.dawnbdwyer 400_72psi C2013

Happy for No Reason 12 x 12 oil
by Dawn B Dwyer Available in Giclee


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Be Right Back oil by Dawn B. Dwyer

12x16 Be Right Back low c2015 wwwpxl Dawn B Dwyer

“Be Right Back” 12 x 16 Oil by Dawn B. Dwyer (Giclees available)

I was so excited to work on this commissioned painting.  Not only did it represent something really special to the family but also for me.

One of the beauties of art, is that we may all look at the same painting but see different things.  I love that and I’d love to hear your story you see as you look at this painting too.

For me it showed the relationship we have with animals and how they are as much a part of our families as any other member.

These are among two, of the very special animals I paint.  They are known for their healing work that they do as therapy dogs.  Their demeanor is so calming, that to be in their presence is truly an honor.  I was just so amazed by them when we met.

Animals have emotions and feelings …  just as we do.  The thrill of going on vacation and experiencing new things like a trip to the beach is just as important to them as us.

I can feel their joy as they look out upon the water, “Aren’t we lucky?” as they wait for their human to Be Right Back.

This painting was featured on a segment on WCET TV that aired on the Arts Bridge Show.  Did you miss it?  If so here is a link to watch it online at

Dawn’s segment starts at 6:25 mins.


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