“Endless Possibilities” at the Pendleton Art Center January 27, 2012

YOUR BEST YEAR EVER … Welcome to 2012! 

Did you know that in ancient Rome, the month, January is named after Janus the god of the doorway?  In fact, it was a tradition to symbolically close the door on old troubles and open another to new possibilities

Nice idea!

I thought this painting would be a great one to feature this month because of the story it tells.  It just fits in with the new year and the endless possibilities the new year offers to all of us.  









The world offers us endless possibilities. We just have to be ready to act without hesitation when the opportunities arise.  Because sometimes it is just a fleeting moment.  So now and then, we just need to take the chance, remove our shoes and get our feet wet.


The Challenges When Plein Air Painting

Here was my subject on day 1


Plein Air painting is always tricky and full of surprises.  You never know who you are going to meet while painting, what they will say to you nor what challenges you will face other than the on going moving shadows and changing subject.  In this particular case, I didn’t have enough time to finish my painting.  So I thought I would finish it up the next week if it was sunny.  Boy, was I surprised when I came back.

Oh my gosh ... they drained the Lake!


When I returned to finish the painting, this is what I saw.  It was just too funny.  Who would of thought they would drain the lake?  So not only was I dealing with a moving subject as the shadows changed everything, I had to also imagine where the water line would be on the rocks and what the water reflections would look like.

Mmm … I think this one will be finished in the studio.  Every painting has a story … there is no question about that.  

“Chilling at Petrohue Falls” 16×20 oil painting by Dawn B. Dwyer

“Chilling at Petrohue Falls” 16×20 oil painting by Dawn B. Dwyer

While on a cruise with my mother and cousin we discovered this spectacular sight.  This was our first port of call … Puerto Montt, Chile.  When we arrived at the port we got off the boat and immediately boarded a bus which transported us to this incredible place.   The sight was magnificent, it was a place called Petrohue Rapids.  It was so beautiful; I just wanted to jump in the water and swim.  As you can see the water was so pure, the color of a swimming pool and the sound of the rushing water just filled up your senses.  It just was such a beautiful sight.  I knew as I stood there that day I would paint this incredible sight hidden away in South America.

“Heinz’s Frog Pond” 6.5 x 20 Oil by Dawn B. Dwyer






A portion of “Heinz’s Frog Pond” 6.5 x 20 Oil

by Dawn B. Dwyer

Heinz is a black dachshund that loves to run down to this pond everyday when he is in Vermont to try and catch the frogs.  On one of those visits down to the pond I took some photographs of him and his pond to reference later.  I knew this memory would go down on canvas.  The pond is situated away from the house.  When you walk down to the pond it feels very magical while offering solitude.  I tried to capture that mood in this painting.  The original painting is 16 x 20, this is a portion of the painting. Inv # 3009    SOLD

“Autumn Glow” 8 x 10 Oil by Dawn B. Dwyer

"Autumn Glow"

Autumn Glow 8 x 10 Oil by Dawn B. Dwyer

At the 2009 Cincinnati Art Club Christmas Party each member who participated in the gift exchange brought an 8 x 10 painting of one of their recent works.  This was the painting that I brought and was recieved by Eileen, another artist at the club.