“Chilling at Petrohue Falls” 16×20 oil painting by Dawn B. Dwyer

“Chilling at Petrohue Falls” 16×20 oil painting by Dawn B. Dwyer

While on a cruise with my mother and cousin we discovered this spectacular sight.  This was our first port of call … Puerto Montt, Chile.  When we arrived at the port we got off the boat and immediately boarded a bus which transported us to this incredible place.   The sight was magnificent, it was a place called Petrohue Rapids.  It was so beautiful; I just wanted to jump in the water and swim.  As you can see the water was so pure, the color of a swimming pool and the sound of the rushing water just filled up your senses.  It just was such a beautiful sight.  I knew as I stood there that day I would paint this incredible sight hidden away in South America.